10 On-Page SEO Strategies Used By an SEO Company

Off-page search engine optimization or building links is only half the battle. Without proper on-site optimization, even the most powerful links are for naught – the campaign will not just be as effective. That is why optimizing the website itself is also an important part of an SEO campaign. A great SEO company knows this and they will go to great lengths to optimize a website. This needs a little hand holding, however, so good agencies will really get in touch with their clients

This article will show 10 on-page SEO strategies used by a great SEO firm. The main objective of this is to impart knowledge to business owners and answer questions along the lines of “is the company doing their part?” and “what are H1 tags?”

Proper Keyword Usage

keywordKeywords are mainly what search engines use to identify what a website is all about. And the more Google (the biggest search engine on the planet) understands what a website is about, the higher that site will place in search results. That means keywords should be strategically placed in areas where they should be placed – title headings and subheadings, site description, and articles are just some of the elements a keyword should be placed. So should an SEO agency just stuff the website with keywords? Absolutely not. There are a recommended number of keywords that should be used within a given page. This is called keyword density and it should only be from 1% to 3% of the total word count. The keyword density sweet spot is often at 2%. If it exceeds 3%, a website may suffer from keyword stuffing or over-optimization penalties.

Using keywords in rich media embeds is effective as well. Crawlers have not reached the level of being able to understand what an image or video is yet, so alt-tags were created to help them. Main keywords are placed here in order to tell crawlers “hey, this picture is about dog training.”

There is also a term called “Latent Semantic Indexing” wherein an SEO firm uses synonyms or closely related words to a main keyword. For example, if a website’s main keyword is about “dog training”, an SEO agency may include terms like “Golden Retriever” or “dog treats” in the page.

Speed Optimization

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, have told people time and time again that the loading speed of a website is a ranking factor. It sounds logical too – the main goal of search engines is to deliver information as quickly and as conveniently as possible. That means a faster website is preferred over a slower one and that reflects in the search results.

That also means agencies should be able to improve the speed of websites quite easily. This can be done by minifying HTML and CSS, decreasing the number of HTTP requests, or even using a Content Delivery Network to serve cached website versions.

For WordPress websites, optimizing their speed is easy thanks to the Content Management System’s (CMS) plug and play capability. An SEO just has to install and configure a variety of plugins like Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, and Auto Optimize. These will then “automagically” increase a website’s speed. For hard coded websites, things are much harder as the web developer should manually change some under-the-hood stuff to improve website speed.

Business owners should check for their site’s rating and compare it with those of their competitors’. A website with a grade of C or below needs a lot of on-page improvement.

Internal Linking

internal linkingAn often overlooked, but equally important on-page optimization strategy, is proper internal linking. This is basically connecting a website’s inner pages together to make the flow of link juice more efficient.

Does this mean an SEO should interlink pages like a mad man? No. Interlinking pages that are relevant with each other will be more effective than interlinking pages about, say, sports and babies. There is also a term called “siloing” which basically organizes a site’s pages in to some sort of hierarchy, but this article will not delve into that.

Proper Navigation

This is more on user experience than actually making the site look better for search engines. A website should have easy-to-follow navigation. The most important pages should be easily viewed as main menus right on the homepage while less relevant pages should be relegated to submenus or sidebar links. Categories and tags should also have their own menus to make it easier for visitors to search by category or by words. Tags and categories should be used with caution however, as these might cause duplicate content issues. It is recommended to no-follow or even not index categories or tags unless these play a crucial part in the website.

Pretty Permalinks

Finally, permalinks should be easily read as well – mywebsite.com/dog/training tells a lot more about a page than mywebsite.com/543tt3. WordPress websites have this functionality at their core so optimizing WP sites are very easy.


These are some on-page strategies that is used by one of the best seo company in new york – nyseoexplode.co can be employed in order to create a better loading and more relevant website. This article hopes to impart knowledge to business owners hoping to find a good agency to work with.

Figuring out Various Styles of Custom Rubber Bracelets

In today’s modern world, rubber wristbands continue to become one of the popular fashion accessories. Typically, these circular rubber strips are worn around one’s wrist to express a special message for a certain cause, meaning that they are not just used for fashion statement alone. They serve a purpose which is evident during charities, fundraising events, awareness programs, and sporting competitions.

The styles and designs of custom rubber bracelets may vary depending on the message for an intended audience, especially when it comes to large-scale events such as conferences, concerts, and rallies.

color-pattern-wristbandIn purchasing customized wristbands, it’s essential to have familiarity with the all of their types so that the precious time and money spent would not go to waste. Plus, conveying messages and promoting brands will not become effective if the wrong sets of custom wristbands are purchased. This article lists down the most common styles of custom rubber wristbands available in the market:

•    Debossed wristbands :

They are considered the most popular and most common style of custom rubber wristband. They are available in various plain colors so that messages can be imprinted on the surface. It’s recommended to come up with a proposed design before sending the bracelets to the manufacturers that will mold the letters into the surface. Designs may include a company name or a catchy phrase. However, make sure to shed out extra money if smaller quantities of custom wristbands are ordered.

•    Embossed wristbands : 

This custom type of wristband may not be as universal as the debussed ones but can still be considered popular. What makes them unique than debossed wristbands is their lifted designs that can be segmented or swirled above the wristband’s surface. The designs on debossed wristbands are generally imprinted into the surface of the rubber. Although the way of putting designs are different, the prices and manufacturing time of customized debossed and embossed wristbands are comparable.

•    Printed wristbands : 

The creation of printed rubber bracelets starts from making custom templates. Once done, this template is placed on top of the rubber surface to directly print the design through silkscreen printing. Manufacturers use special dyes to ensure that the designs penetrate the rubber wristband. This type of custom rubber bracelets is ideal for customers who love intricate wristband designs.

However, silkscreen-printed designs are susceptible to flaking or chipping unlike debussed and embossed designs. Due to this, the price of custom silkscreen-printed rubber bracelets is cheaper than the rest. Not to mention, turnaround time is much faster as well.

•    Laser engraved rubber wristbands :

Designs for this type of custom rubber bracelets are made through laser-engraving machines. The design’s finish is similar to that of the debossed one. It’s just that the exact same details are laser-engraved into the blank portion of the bracelet. Since there’s no need to pay for the price of using custom molds, laser engraving of designs into the bracelet comes at an affordable rate.

•    Color-filled debossed bracelets :

From the word itself, this type of wristband has a plain color of the whole surface but with extra colors on the debossed imprints to make them more readable. There’s an additional cost for the extra color but it’s worth the price, especially when a customer is aiming for the design to stand out even from a distance.

•    One-inch rubber wristbands :

This is ideal for people who find that standard-sized (half-inch) rubber bracelets are too small. The bigger size in strip allows customers to propose bigger designs and put additional details. This is perfect for concerts of pop celebrities and rock bands. Is an inch-wide rubber bracelet too big? Then try a ¾-inch wristband instead. It’s also suitable for designs that are good enough to fit a slightly smaller strip size.

•    Color-coated wristbands : 

This is quite similar to silkscreen-printed rubber wristbands. However, the entire layer of the bracelet is color-coated based on customer’s personal choice. Once the initial coating is done, texts and designs are engraved to reveal the rubber wristband’s original color.

•    Micro wristbands :

Despite being roughly half the standard wristbands size-wise, micro wristbands can still be worn by all. However, designs can’t be printed through silkscreen due to the small width – and that’s why, most micro wristbands have simpler retails and designs.

•    Finger bands : 

This kind of rubber accessory is becoming quite popular lately. Instead of being worn in the wrist, these trinkets are worn around one’s fingers. This type of rubber accessory is for people who aren’t fond of wearing customized rubber bracelets.

Colors play in important role in choosing among the various types of custom rubber bracelets. Apart from adding style, colors provide symbolic meaning and interpretation. For instance, white is used to share inspirational messages, while blue is commonly used in sporting events. Pink wristbands are often used in women’s health issues and green rubber bracelets are visible in environmental movements. Red wristbands are known for AIDS awareness, while black ones are worn during funerals.

Indeed, there are a lot of custom rubber bracelets available out there. But in the end, it’s personal choice that matters.

Silkscreen-printed designs are susceptible to flaking or chipping unlike debussed and embossed designs. Due to this, the price of custom silkscreen-printed rubber bracelets is cheaper than the rest.

Portable Storage Containers Versus Other Storage Options

Have you tried using portable storage containers for your moving- and storage-related needs? Surely, it was not that popular before. Also, the novel idea of having a container instead of a truck waiting outside your house for loading is not that a usual concept back in the days. But with more advanced developments happening in this world, everything is possible. The traditional way of moving – the hiring of trucks and movers – is now almost considered obsolete. Even the other storage options offered back then are now becoming less popular.

Why? Continue reading the article below to find out.

Portable storage containers has become a better choice for many because it is much more convenient compared to other storage options. Because storage companies used to provide only the storage unit, people are having a hard time and actually spend more energy in the process of transporting their items.

In the regular storage options, you have to load the things up inside the truck, travel to their storage facility, and unload your things in your rented storage unit. If you are not yet done clearing up some mess in your house, then you have to go back and travel again. Sounds difficult, right? Also, if you happen to have something that you need to keep in their storage unit, you have to go to their facility and get to the unit yourself. You will also have to wait for their facility to open on regular office hours, as most of them do not operate for 24 hours.

Other people also worry about the security of their goods kept in their storage units. Because other people who also rent storage units in their facility can also come inside, some are afraid that their valuables might be stolen without their staff noticing.

portable storage containersAs of this moment, there is no need to worry about these issues anymore. Those who use the services of storage companies offering portable storage containers are very happy and satisfied because compared to the regular storage units offered back then, the process of moving and storing items is way easier. Instead of a truck, a movable storage container will be delivered right outside your door. It is only positioned on ground level. This makes it easier for you to bring your goods inside the container than lifting the boxes up the ramp.

If you have lots of big and heavy furniture at home, these storage providers also have professional movers as staff. They can help you move this furniture easily, without damaging your precious goods. After you have successfully loaded all your stuff, you do not need to go to their facility to unload your things. The storage container becomes your storage unit, and only you can open it. You can tend to other important things because there will be no need to travel to their facility regularly. Once you are ready to move into your new house, just call your storage company and they will deliver the movable storage container into your new location.

Much easier than the previous process above?

Here’s more. If you have items that you need, let us say Christmas decors for instance, you can just call the storage provider and they will deliver the portable storage containers at your doorstep. You will open it yourself, get the things you need. As soon as your finished, they will bring the storage container with them back at the facility. Everything is easier this way with the use of these portable storage containers.

It is not really a wonder why more and more people are enjoying the services of companies that provide those movable storage containers. With today’s busy world, we all need such easier and cheaper storage options.

Author Bio:
One of the good things about portable storage containers is that they are convenient in a way. Portable storage containers is a one-stop shop for all your storage needs.

Tips for Buying Golf Apparel at a Low Price

Shopping for the right golf apparel can be a bit of an effort for the average person. There are so many different options to choose from that most people don’t even know how to start let alone which ones to buy.

Golf is an expensive sport. From golf balls to golf clubs, people spend a lot of cash on golf equipment. Most people spend their money on the equipment to help improve their game that they have none left on their budget to get good golf clothes.

Finding golf wear at an affordable price can be a difficult task for some golfers. These golfers won’t compromise by just wearing or buying whatever’s on the rack. The problem with golf apparel is that they can leave a hole that’s as big and as deep as the golf equipment.

Here are a few tips for those who want to buy golf clothing at a low price at Rockbottomgolf.

Shopping on the World Wide Web

The internet is a bargain hunter’s best friend. Nowadays, most brands and stores have, to a certain degree, an online presence. The internet allows users to access a vast amount of options without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Online stores that sell golf attire at a price lower than brick and mortar stores are common on the internet. Most of these retailers are able to sell their products at a competitively lower price because of the costs involved in doing business. Selling products online is a lot cheaper than having a brick and mortar store. It works that way because the online merchant doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on commercial space and hiring employees to move their merchandise.

Online websites also have newsletters that visitors can sign up for. Visitors can stay abreast of the latest developments, deals, and discounts on golf apparel.

Waiting for a new season

golf apparelAnother way to get golf wear at a low price is to simply wait for a new season. Each new season brings with it new golf products. This means that merchants have to make room for their new stock. In order to make it easier on themselves, merchants sell their old stock at a lower price to allow more room for the newer stock.

The discounts and the bargains to be had are numerous. Both online and brick and mortar store retailers tend to sell their merchandise at really low prices when they anticipate the release of new line of golf wear. This kind of option may take a bit of time, but it’s time well spend considering the savings a person will get with all the low prices that they’ll encounter.

Black Friday

This is perhaps the best time of the year to get new golf apparel. Black Friday is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving. It is considered to be the beginning of the holiday shopping spree. During this season, consumers can expect online merchants and even big malls to really drop their prices.

Black Friday is considered to be the part of the year for shopping. It has been since 2005. Those on the hunt can reliably expect Black Friday merchants and retailers to sell their stock at extremely low prices. Shopping on Black Friday is also a good idea since shoppers can take the opportunity to do some of their own Christmas shopping.

Looking for golf wear at an affordable price will take a bit of time and effort. However, those who are patient enough to invest their time on their purchase can look forward to a good deal on their golf apparel.

What Makes People Want to Look at Luxury Properties in MLS Listings for Long Island?

Long Island may be a crowded place in the US but there are loads of attractions in it. If you have the money, you should consider investing in luxury property there. Before anything else though, you may want to check out Multiple listing long island has a grand number of beautiful estates so a guide may be something you could use.

Here’s more on the matter.

People Want to Know about Which Properties Belong in Exclusive Communities

Security is one reason why anyone would want to own a luxury property in Long Island. People want to live or at least have a break without anything to fear. If their homes are in a gated neighborhood with adequate security measures, it can give them peace of mind.

They Want to Know if They Can Get Their Fix of Comfort

propertyGoing through MLS listings grants people the privilege of getting what they want. Because the point of buying luxury property in Long Island is having a place to retreat to once in a while, an estate that’s set in a breathtaking environment is preferred.

Also, they’ll be glad that when they look in MLS listings, Long Island properties that have been furnished are included. This is a treat for some who are more interested in something that has been fully taken care of. After those people have paid the price, they want to immediately move in. They wouldn’t want to worry about some matters such as poor ventilation, location, and cheap furnishings.

They Want to Know whether There Are Nearby Establishments

real estatePeople may want to be able to socialize. When home are close to several landmarks they could visit to meet friends, they may want to buy those homes. As much as their reason for investing in luxury property is to have some peace and quiet, they don’t like being too distant. Schools, churches, restaurants, and nearby parks are some of the things they seek out. If they go over an MLS system, they are granted the privilege to know about where these places are in Long Island.

They Want to Know if They Can Build Extensions

Things that potential luxury property buyers look for in an MLS system are estates that include scenic views, golf courses, tennis courts, vast lawns, and peaceful areas. While most are interested in getting property in small communities in Long Island, some are more concerned whether or not they can expand their places later on. Because they have enough money, they prefer to get the largest ones on the list. On it, they want to build something else they can use for recreational purposes.

Just like most people, you should look in Multiple listing long islandhas a lot of beautiful properties and it would be better for you to decide on a luxury property to buy if you have an available selection. Other than the fact that this allows you to spend your money wisely, this also enables you to own something that you have always wanted.

Lanyards 101: The History, Uses, and More!

Lanyards are among the usual items that almost every person has. It is typically seen worn by students or workers around their neck with ID’s or badges attached to them. Photographers are also among the top users of these cords and they use them to carry their cameras around. The shorter ones are commonly seen around the wrist and are used to ensure the security of phones, gadgets, and purses. These cords are principally made from nylon, flat polyester, and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Lanyards as Military Accessories- Now and Then

Little do people know that these cords have been in existence for centuries. Long before these cords were used as ID holders, camera accessories, and safety straps, they had already been utilized in France way back in the 15th century. Then, these straps were referred to as “Lanière”.

They were basically used to secure weapons such as pistols, blades, and swords, to the uniforms of guardsmen or soldiers. Whistles, which were mainly used for signaling, were likewise strapped onto the uniforms using these straps. Cords of good quality are easy to detach and attach to another item. It was common then to see naval officers or soldiers in the field use these items for that very purpose.

Lanyard BusinessAt present, the cords are used by various military troops in the world. Cords bearing braid patterns and different color combinations can be seen in various military uniforms, commonly placed on the shoulders. This is to denote the regimental affiliation, ranks, or qualification of the person wearing it. Braided cords can likewise be found in military caps. In Great Britain, these straps are also a part of the uniform, particularly of the Royal Artillery. These straps were also once used to hold keys primarily used to defuse any form of explosive shells. In many cases, these cords are also utilized by military officers and members in mission to make sure that sidearm do not fall.

Lanyards as Safety Straps

Working in huge industrial plants also exposes people to certain risks. For this particular reason, machine operators wear cords attached to ‘kill switches’. These straps are used to turn off ‘dead man’s switches’ of slicing/cutting machines. If the operator falls or becomes incapacitated for whatever reason, their fall could consequently pull switches that will halt any machine. The same principle applies to the use of vehicles such as trains and jet skis, and the use of exercise equipment like treadmills.

Linemen also make use of these cords to keep them safe and secure while at work. These are specifically called linemen lanyards and are likewise commonly used by mountaineers. These cords are particularly heavy as they are made from heavy duty nylon with several metal rings or locks attached to them.

Lanyards as School or Office Accessories

Students and office workers rarely use pins in attaching Identification cards. Using these cords, it is a lot easier to identify a school or a workplace as logos are usually printed on them. IDs and badges can also be worn at once using these straps. A typical ID strap usually has a clip and an ID sleeve ready to be used. IDs and badges are quite easy to find due their visually appealing designs. Colors, logos, and texts are now easily imprinted on each strap.

Moreover, keys can also be attached to them to avoid losing them. The use of key leashes, as compared to using typical key chains, is becoming more and more common. Whether at home or school, in the office or the outdoors, one can always find a good use for these straps.

Author Bio:
Lanyards are practical accessories used to hold small items. If a person wants to show off a certain object or make it visible and easy to reach, a lanyard is the perfect item for the job. It can hold identification cards, badge holders, electronic gadgets, even wallets, and tags.

What do you need to do and avoid when making Safety presentations

Getting ready for your safety presentations means you need to make sure that success remains within reach. You need to look out for an endless number of possibilities on how it will fall apart, whether it’s from your own mistake or due to some unavoidable circumstances beyond your control. Therefore, you should learn about the things you could do to keep your lecture running smoothly and at the same time, you need to be aware of the mistakes you might commit while speaking to a large crowd.

Just remember the basic pointers discussed below, for you to deliver your speech successfully.


•  Talk about what your listeners will achieve when they follow what you’ve said to them.

•  Prepare yourself by doing thorough research for your safety presentations. You can do this by using relevant helping tools that will let them quickly understand what you are talking about.

•  Create various versions of your lecture that you can use in different learning environments.

keynote_speaker•  Make an appeal to emotionally connect with your listeners as they listen to your speech. Let them become aware of their feelings (such as courage, power, and pride) while you talk to them; that way, you’ll get to effectively emphasize important things over the course of your presentation.

•  Say what you have to say in the simplest way possible. Your words can get disregarded if your listeners cannot easily understand what they mean; therefore, it is very important that you use words they hear every day.

•  Support everything you will say with data from reliable sources. You must remember that not all information you may find on the internet is factual and should be added to your safety presentations. Cite printed sources and trusted resource persons that will solidify your claims, which in turn will boost the value of your words.

•  Use humorous statements every now and then to keep your audience entertained. This will also prevent them from losing their focus.


•  Never discuss your subject too seriously.

•  Do not read your notes while speaking in front of the crowd. Doing this will give an impression to your audience that you are not adequately prepared for your speech.

•  Avoid speaking endlessly; always make sure that there are enough pauses and there’s sufficient time for your listeners to catch up to the things you are saying.

•  Flooding your audience with all kinds of facts about the topic you’re discussing is a thing you must not do. If you do this, your listeners will have a hard time absorbing all the knowledge you are sharing to them and will eventually give up trying to listen to you.

•  Using offensive humor is definitely something you should not do when you deliver your safety presentations to your audience. You might hurt the feelings of someone in the crowd; there are also those who may end up thinking that they’re the ones you are talking about on that part of your speech.

Those are just some of the most practical do’s and don’ts in delivering a good lecture to a large crowd of people. However, you must remember that you may still need to talk to any available person who can give you a proper checklist of things you need to take into consideration in terms of doing the actual presentation yourself.

In the end, keeping this list in mind when you stand in front of the crowd to give your speech is a great way to show to your audience that you are definitely prepared to deliver your safety presentations.

What Makes Challenge Coins Special?

Challenge coins are a symbol of hard work, dedication, and bravery that the military personnel put to complete their missions. Men in uniform like soldiers, marines, navy, and others cherish their custom coins and carry them wherever they go. Every unit or squadron in the military has their own coins to easily identify which group they belong. These coins are also given to those who have survived the battle as a symbol of their bravery. American presidents usually have racks of such coins that they display in their houses. The much older presidents’ coins are kept in museums so the common public can view it.

The Importance of Customized Challenge Coins

This type of coin is not only limited to the armed forces. They serve different purposes. In the military, it helps boost the soldier’s morale. It is also a symbol of unity and strong bond of the entire group.

Personalized coins refer to the type of coins that belong to a particular branch in the military. For instance, the customized army coins have their specific mission statement printed on it. Other lifesaving groups like fire brigades, policemen, and others can also carry this type of coin. These are also brave individuals who put their lives in danger to save others from getting hurt who receive this type of coin.

Designing a Challenge Coin

Challenge CoinsThe challenge coin differs in color, figure, style, and size. For more designs you can contact to challengecoins4less.com. Designing these coins is not an easy thing to do. But, there is no need for you to hire an expert to design the coins. All you need is a clear vision of your mission. Creative minds can do this task easily. Everything you will add in the coins like symbols, color scheme, mission statement, and others should be mission-oriented. Also, make sure that your coin design is unique.

The Evolution of Challenge Coins

As time passes, the meaning of having these coins has changed. In the beginning, these coins were used by military men to challenge other soldiers and to identify which unit they belong. In the 1980s, these coins were awarded to outstanding government officers. At present, the challenge coin is also used by many private groups for various purposes. Some companies use these coins to market their products and services. Others use them to inform people about upcoming events. Many use these coins to acknowledge the achievement or hard work of their workers. Each company has its own coin with a distinct design to make it different from others.

How to Order Challenge Coins

Normally, people would search the Internet to find the best provider of custom coins. However, only few are aware of the things that they need to consider when choosing the right vendor. Here are some tips on how to purchase the best possible coin for you and your organization.

The most important thing to consider is the quality. When asking for an estimate from a company, bear in mind these questions:

• How thick will the coins be?
• What type of paint will be used — hard enamel or soft enamel?
• What is the estimated time of completion?
• How will the plating look like?
• What type of coins do you want — alloy-centered or brass-centered?
• How will they deliver/ship the challenge coins?

Don’t just settle for the first company that you will find on the Internet. Compare the services and the prices of at least four (4) companies. Choose the one that will provide quality work at affordable prices or within your set budget. Be very careful in choosing the company. Keep in mind that you will be spending a lot for these coins so make sure that you will get what you have paid for.

Benefits Derived From a Misting Fan

The world has encountered many climate problems. When it’s cold, it is too cold. When it’s hot, it is too hot. A lot of people have suffered from heat stress, some even died. Heat can also reduce productivity among workers and even dairy producing cows. This is where a misting fan comes in.

There are a lot of benefits that you can derive out of a misting fan. One of the major benefits of misting fans is heat reduction. Misting fans use evaporating cooling procedure to lower down the temperature. Misting fans do more than produce cool air. For optimum cooling effect, these fans produce mist. Aside from heat reduction, misting fans have a lot of other benefits. Listed below are few of the other benefits that you could get out of misting fans.

  1. Dust Control – Misting systems generally help control dust and odor. Misting fans do not produce cool air; it also helps maintain the cleanliness of your surroundings.
  1. Disease prevention – There are a lot of diseases that are caused by extremely hot climate. Hot weather could cause heat stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps, heat stress and more. Those who are physically active during the summer season could be prone to contracting diseases caused by heat. DiseaseMost kids play all day long during their summer vacation so it is necessary to use misting fans to protect them from heat. Misting fans are also used in sporting events to prevent heat strokes and heat stress among athletes and spectators.
  1. Increase in Workforce Productivity – A lot of work site such as warehouses and factories have extremely high temperatures. This could cause heat stress to workers and can lead to attrition and absenteeism. A lot of workers leave their work because of bad working conditions so it is important to take care of your workers and employees by making sure that their workplace is cool and comfortable. By using misting fans to cool the temperature of factories and warehouses, employees are more productive and satisfied with their work. Productivity would lead to more output and more output would lead to bigger profits. Misting fans are great investment that could yield great returns.
  1. Increases in Agricultural Output – Misting fans are used in livestock and dairy production industries to prevent heat stress among animals. Dairy farms use misting fans to optimize the dairy production. agreeIf the farm animals are heat stressed, they will not produce enough milk or high quality meat. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a cool temperature in agricultural and dairy farms. Misting fans are also used in greenhouses to maintain the ideal temperature and ensure the plants’ health. Studies show that plants grow faster if you use misting fans to cool the greenhouse temperature.
  1. Increase in Client Satisfaction – Some hotels, theme parks, resorts, and restaurants use misting fans to increase client satisfaction and comfort. Theme parks and resorts are frequented by guests and visitors mostly during the summer season.Control For the guests to enjoy their trip and stay, they have to be comfortable. Summer heat can be a big party pooper so it is important to reduce the heat by utilizing misting fans. Misting fans can help you create a great customer experience. The cool air would make them want to visit your company’s resort, hotel, or theme park again and again. Plus, the best marketing strategy is making sure that you get great feedback from your client. Clients who are satisfied with the service and surrounding temperature are most likely to recommend your establishment to potential clients.
  1. Savings – A misting fan is energy efficient. It is more energy efficient than air conditioning systems. Since misting fans use lesser electricity, it enables you to save money and reduce your utility bill. You could use the money saved on electricity to deal with your company’s area of improvement.